Yoga as Science and Way of Life

Baptiste Marceau Workshop

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Yoga as Science and Way of Life

with most-senior & legendary Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Baptiste Marceau

22, 23 & 24 June 2018 at Peredur Center For The Arts, West Sussex. UK
All levels- beginners to advanced.

The Teacher:

If we could talk about the first brood of Ashtangis who brought the teachings to the West, Baptiste’s name would be in the list.

Baptiste Marceau is a unique yogi. Son of the famous French mime artist Marcel Marceau, he grew up in a family of artists. At age 14, he decided to launch himself into the world to explore life in search of his own path, achieving a unique and unusual trajectory. He is one of the pioneers in spreading the Ashtanga Yoga method in the world and continues to do it, teaching from his own personal experience and views of the world.

Consider that life is a constant exploration and experimentation that goes far beyond dogmas and beliefs. Baptiste sees yoga as a millenary technique that allows us to return to the foundations of life. He has developed a more playful and accessible practice for all levels.
Being a story teller Baptiste loves teaching through the myths in relation to the asanas

He has been a direct disciple of the heirs of the discipline coming from South India, at the hands of Krishnamacharya, David Williams, Danny Paradise and Patthabi Jois.

A profound experience with one of the most authentic teachers of the world.

The Workshop:

This workshop will explore the foundations of this ancient practice and its links with shamanism through excercises and discussions.


Friday evening 6-8pm (2hrs) Introduction- Studio

Baptiste introduces his theme of yoga as an alchemy of self transformation and an art form; he discusses asanas and their deep connection with nature and the animal realm,  and explores various myths in Hinduism and other ancient cultures from around the world; and he considers the ashtanga yoga system in this context.

Saturday morning 8.45am-11.15  (2.5 hrs) - Granary

The study of the kriya Nauli; an introduction to pranayama with a focus on prana and the three bandhas; Asana practice based on the Ashtanga yoga primary sequence (yoga chikitsa) with accessible and unusual posture variations reflecting the aims and abilities of the group.

Sunday 9am- 12 noon (3hrs) - Granary

Pranayama including nadi shodhana; a discussion about nadis and their effect on physiological and emotional systems; an exploration of locks (bandhas), breath and alignment; Asana practice building on yesterday's class.

There will be variations for all levels, the main focus will be Prana: linking Ujay (victorious Breath or vital Breath) with the Bandhas (3 fundamental locks -moolah bandha; uddiyana bandha and jalandhara bandha), their meaning and the proper way to use them throughout the vinyasas. The emphasis will be on the bandhas and the breath not the postures, so anyone will be able to practice!

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