Kuldeep Singh – who listens to spiritual stories

Kuldeep Singh – who listens to spiritual stories

Yogis and different spiritual paths


Our friend Uttrang Kaur Khalsa in her role as Pink namaste envoy is out in India, sharing some of the Pink namaste charity funds and sending us interviews and stories about some of the people and yogis she is meeting along the way, their practises and inspirations- enjoy following her on her journeys of discovery. We will be publishing a different article each week.



Kuldeep Singh – who listens to spiritual stories






Today I met Kuldeep Singh. He has lived in the holy city of Anandpur Sahib for a ‘long long time’.


He is an old man now, so his spiritual practice in this time is listening to spiritual stories which are told each day.


He is known for this kindness to street children and beggars , he always has food in his pockets to give to beggars and any needy people he sees on his way. It says in the holy text that if you see anyone in need is it your duty as a spiritual practisioner to do something to help them.


Here is a spiritual story about Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith:




Guru Nanak Chooses to stay with a Leper.


Guru Nanak, on the outskirts of a holy place know as Gowindwal, discovered a solitary hut.

There lived a leper who had been discarded by his family, friends and village who were afraid of his disease. Even the animals in the woods would not approach the hut so unusual was the vibration surrounding the hut.


The travelling Guru Nanak and Mardana with their belongings and musical instrument slung around their shoulders approached the hut gently and enquired most graciously if they may have the honour of resting the night with the diseased man dwelling there in.


The leper, who was a Faqir (the word Faqir can describe both Hindu and Buddhist ascetics such sadhus, gurus, swamis and yogis who's sole livelihood is pure meditation) was surprised to hear this. He then attempted to explain his chronic disease and that staying with him may not be a good idea, to rest next to such a leprosy.


Guru Nanak replied that if he was unable to accommodate him he would stay just outside his hut.


The Leper in prayer gratefully spoke saying ' Great Saint, to come near by my hut is the most divine act of compassion. Everyone has fled from me , I am suffering Karma , a chronic disease and my soul is in constant agony. '


Mardana tuned his Rabarb (an ancient lute-like musical instrument originating from central Afghanistan) and Guru Nanak sang this prayer :


" He who forgets Gods word* suffers and wails like a Leper and his soul in agony

What is the use of lamenting ? God knows our innermost unuttered thoughts. God is the creator and preserver of all.

Those who recite his prayers of praise are saved.

God takes care of them in sufferings.

God is always merciful, those who seek him, he rescues them of all suffering."


Guru Nanak opened his eyes to see the man with his hands in prayer before him.

The Man looked down at his hands to see that no mark of his disease could be seen on his skin. The disease on his skin had vanished!


From that day on the cured man like many others touched by miracles repeated prayers of praising God in meditation.


Guru Nanak encouraged him to go to his village and meet his friends and family. They will come to you themselves , fortunate to meet you. Those cursing your hands will feel honoured to kiss them** and pay homage to you.


By the Grace of God you showed patience and remained praising God in your heart.

Thus God in his mercy has rid you of this chronic disease.


After tending to the prayerful unceasingly hopeful Faqir the Guru continued his journey towards north west.


Source : Sakhi 33


Notes :

*Word can mean Gods identity. Remembering God can being remembering to be kind , generous and greatly devotional to everyone and everything as God pervades in all heart and souls equally.

** The custom of hand kissing is a way of showing devotion and great respect. There are many prayers that pray we don’t do anything wrong with our hands, so people kiss the hands of people who have no been greedy , violent, rough or slaves to desire. In many traditions karma is said to be written in the hands so every bump , line or rough patch of skin or straight finger tells us something







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