Feeding the roots of Yoga

Feeding The Roots

Traditionally, students of yoga have served their teachers/gurus in exchange for knowledge. There are still thousands of dedicated yogis living in the Himalayas and elsewhere, practicing original teachings and exploring new ways. At the same time, we have an abundance of 'new' yoga all over the world, sometimes the branches of yoga are growing far away from their roots. The aim of this project is to build goodwill bridges between the ancient roots in India and the western branches.

“My Name is Uttrang Kaur Khalsa and I am a female Sikh Nihang - I live to help people , do charity work, meditate and be a student and translator of Sikh Spiritual scriptures.

Sikh means student. The principal teaching of Sikhism is “Oneness” .


I am going to the holy city of Anandpur Sahib , The Holy city of Amritsar (The Golden Temple ) and a very magical place called Rewalsar, where many yogis of Hinduism , Buddhism and Sikh meditative     martial artists live.


I am a Sikh who does seva ( Selfless service /volunteer work ) for all Gurdwaras (Temples) such as helping with the free kitchens that feed yogis from all lineages.


    A Gurdwara means “ The Gurus Door “ . A Gurdwara is traditionally open in some way 24/7. There are traditionally four doors which all people are welcome in.  Everyone is welcome to listen and     receive equal spiritual education.  This is unique, as some Ashrams are closed and only “ upper caste “ or “ approved yogis “ are allowed in.


The Gurdwara free kitchen is so good as it takes the fear away from all people of hunger or poverty. It is entirely run by volunteers. They are mostly Sikhs but anyone can join in. The idea is that to pay for your meal you either do seva ( Chop carrots or sweep the floor ) or donate money or food. It means that any person who truly wishes to devote his life to meditation can - and he still has a place to eat hot food. That way a yogi can keep practicing yoga with the knowledge that if he needs something to eat, he has somewhere he can go that supports his decision to live as a meditator.


The funds from Pink Namaste will be buying basic food supplies such a bags of rice and flour along with onions, dried peas and basic spices. This will     be donated to smaller Temple Kitchens where meditators ( of any level ) and wandering Yogis can eat.


There are also many poor people who come to enjoy food such as hut dwelling women who have large families and even local millionaires come to     Sikh kitchens (Sometimes they donate mangoes or exotic things beyond rice and beans ).


Food is bought, and prepared with great devotion and prayer - so it is not like normal food - it is greatly treasured food that is continuous prayer or     Puja for world peace and world hunger solution. We encourage all to share their food and wealth.


The idea is that it is a holy place where all people eat together as one spiritual family and treat each other equally regardless of background or wealth     or skin colour. It is a wonderful spiritual miracle to observe.


    The practice of bringing food to feed the saints is very ancient.  I have seen and met many yogis being served food. I would like to know more about     their sects , forehead marks , ash coverings, clothing and practices ..... I would like to find answers to “ Why is he doing it like that?” For us all to learn     from, along with many natural yogic solutions such as “ How to make a yogic back pack from a sarong, that helps the spine breathe “.


Uttrang Kaur Khalsa, founder of 1 Terra, is going back to the roots of yoga. Using some of the funds raised by Pink Namaste to share food with the holders and practitioners of the ancient traditions of yoga (and other people), enabling us to make the connection between the roots and the branches. Keep posted as she reports back with pictures and stories along the way.


We will be publishing regular updates and invite you to participate in our ‘ Feeding the Roots mission ’. Email us questions, share solutions and contribute to this project.

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