yoga as science and way of life
Baptiste Marceau Workshop

Baptiste Marceau Workshop

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yoga as science and way of life

with most-senior & legendary Ashtanga Yoga Teacher
Baptiste Marceau

5,6,7 of July 2013 at Peredur Center For The Arts, West Sussex. UK
All levels- beginners to advanced.

The Teacher:

If we could talk about the first brood of Ashtangis who brought the teachings to the West, Baptiste’s name would be in the list. A recognized master, now living in Mexico, who trained with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in India and David Williams in Hawaii. He has spread the Ashtanga Yoga practice all around the globe and continues to do it, teaching from his own personal experience and views of the world. A profound experience with one of the most authentic teachers of the world.

The Workshop:

This workshop will explore the foundations of this ancient practise and its links with shamanism through excercises and discussions.


Friday evening 6-8pm (2hrs) Introduction
*Explaining the contents and the surroundings in which the science of yoga was developed in the neolithic age and how it became structured.
*The story of the lineage of Krishnamacharya. It was by the grace of this great man that yoga was revealed to the world!

Saturday morning 9am-12 noon (3hrs)
*Introduction to Pranayama - the original breathing technique as it was taught by Krishnamacharya to Patthabi Jois and David Williams *Kriyas (cleansing techniques) *Nauli (stomach churning) *Primary series (yoga chikitsa) as it was taught originally

Sunday 9am- 12 noon (3hrs) *Pranayama - the original breathing technique as it was taught by Krishnamacharya to Patthabi Jois and David Williams *Second series (Nadi Shodhana)

There will be variations for all levels, the main focus will be Prana: linking Ujay (victorious Breath or vital Breath) with the Bandhas (3 fundamental locks -moolah bandha; uddiyana bandha and jalandhara bandha), their meaning and the proper way to use them throughout the vinyasas. The emphasis will be on the bandhas and the breath not the postures, so anyone will be able to practice!

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